Search Engine Optimisation Facts

We often hear people saying that Google has changed the rules of search engine optimisation – but we don’t agree with that view. Nothing has happened in the last few years, even with all the major Panda and Penguin updates that have affected Google’s drive to return the best results for a visitor’s query.

What Has Really Changed With Search Engine Optimisation?

What has happened is that they have vastly improved their methods at weeding out websites that are trying to take shortcuts to the top of the search results by pretending to be more popular than they are in reality.

In the past, Google could be fooled into believing a website was the best and most popular result by seeing a multitude of backlinks to the website from many sources, countries and industries – and this is what has actually changed. Yes, the guys at Google have developed ways that will uncover “false” popularity signals created by poor search engine optimisation methods, so that the old goalposts have effectively been moved now.

Website owners and administrators need to spend less time trying to find ways around the latest search engine algorithm changes and use their time more effectively by making their websites a place where visitors will enjoy going to and spending their time.

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