Search Engine Optimisation is the core of Century SEO’s business. We do not build websites, rent out servers, sell domains, buy and sell websites or any other business not related to promotion of our client’s websites. With the constant  updates from Google with their quality based refinements (including Panda), and from Apple who have now launched the Siri voice based search system and developments from the Yahoo/Bing alliance, we find it takes us all our time to stay abreast of the changes in requirements from the major search engines.

That’s why we believe that you are making a wise investment when choosing one of our packages. These are designed to show Google exactly why you should be on the first page of results for your keywords. Our experience in SEO goes back to 1998 when we realised that well built websites always got better ranking than hastily cobbled sites. Of course times have changed and the quality now expected is much greater and that’s where we can help.

We do not employ black hat or grey hat methods to promote your website that run the risk of getting your website dropped from the index – or banned. Call us today for a quote, you will not be disappointed.